Ultra Mixed Marshall Arts (MMA) is a unique opportunity for people with no martial arts background to experience the wonderful world of MMA, in a safe and enjoyable environment.


Hydrosave’s Ricky Clark took up this challenge in memory of his father Rick Clark who he lost 3 years ago to bowel cancer at the age of 51. The Ultra MMA challenge is not for professionals, it is for novices who want to get fit and try a new and challenging experience.


On signing up Ricky received 8 weeks of free intense training from a trainer in his local area. Through his training Ricky got to a high level of physical fitness and learnt the techniques he would need for his fight.


Having completed his fight, Ricky has got the bug and has continued training and hopes to compete again. He has so far raised £150 which has included a £50 donation from SSI Services.


To read more about how Ricky got on click here.

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