Five valves were found to be seized by the main contractor during a refurbishment project on a service reservoir.


Two valves were scours, two were the reservoir outlets and one was a line valve, all apart from the line valve were 6 meters deep and situated in the reservoir tanks.


Replacement of the valves would have incurred lengthy planning to ensure safe isolation along with possible intervention of mechanical line stops.


The size and weight of the valves prevented removal without a review of reservoir roof condition, loading and access restrictions.

HydroV valve release equipment was used for an initial period of 80 minutes. During this operation, frequency was measured at the valve itself to determine any losses. The valve became free and was cycled using a standard tee bar arrangement. The spindle extensions were removed from the remaining valves to maintain efficiencies and the following release times achieved:


20” Outlet – 40 minutes.

9” Scour – 10 minutes.

200mm Outlet – 15 minutes.

15” Line Valve – 15 minutes.


Three spindle extensions were deemed not fit for purpose. These these were replaced complete with new wall brace supports.




Huge cost savings against replacement.


Significant reduction in time against replacement.


Zero penalties incurred by client as completion of project was on target.


Reduced impact to customer.


Reduced impact to the environment.

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