Year 7 students at St Michael’s High School have been busy designing Health and Safety awareness posters for Integrated Water Services


Integrated Water Services (IWS) have recently invited all Year 7 pupils to design a Health and Safety themed poster and slogan to form part of our new safety campaign. The competition was launched during a ‘safety on site’ assembly for Year 7 at St Michael’s High School.


As part of IWS’s commitment to the local communities in which they work, the local team was keen to assist the school in raising the children’s awareness of health and safety in the workplace and on site. The aim of the campaign is to display and rotate the winning posters throughout the IWS network of sites to maximise exposure. The posters will encourage everyone to stop or change works if they feel something is unsafe or likely to cause harm to themselves or others.


The assembly was delivered as an interactive learning experience which included some of the children trying on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in order for them to understand why the use of PPE is so important on construction sites and in everyday life.


Year 7 did not disappoint and IWS received over 50 entries to the competition, with Managing Director Steve Suffolk and Health and Safety Manager Claire Morgan selecting the winners.


Lelleah Bryan took home the £100 first prize with her ‘Safety Sophie’ concept. Steve and Claire were particularly impressed with the messages Lelleah put across in her design. The runners up were Jessica Andrews and Madelaine Priest, each being presented with £50 vouchers.


Two other entries from Ellie Siverns and Kiera Grigg picked up highly commended awards through the sheer time and effort that had gone into their entries. Both students were presented £25 vouchers.


Employee engagement is vital in helping us achieve and maintain the excellent standards we set ourselves. Steve Suffolk, Managing Director of IWS Mechanical and Electrical, said: “As a local business this competition is a great way to engage with young people to promote the importance of health and safety, not only at work but in general.


We would like to congratulate Lelleah on winning the poster competition. Her design was well thought through and showcases key messages that will be reinforced to the IWS workforce through the display of her poster.


Ultimately, we felt that the winners had shown flair and creativity with their poster designs while also demonstrating a real understanding of potential hazards and the importance of working safely. I would also like to thank all the other students who took the time and effort to submit entries, there were some brilliant designs.”


Head of Year 7, Stuart Dix said, “I am very proud of Lelleah’s achievement. Her winning design was wonderful and really encompassed the whole ethos of the competition. The children learned some important lessons about staying safe in and around construction sites. They thoroughly enjoyed being able to try on the protective clothing and have made a real effort with their safety posters”.

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