SSI Services has recently joined Facebook to promote both our services and our commitment to our Corporate Social Responsibility programme for 2017/18.


SSI Services recognise that, as a business, its activities impact upon the environment, stakeholders in general and all other members of the public sphere. We are committed to conducting our business in an ethical and sustainable manner; dealing fairly, openly and honestly with our employees, clients and the wider community.


It is our aim to ensure that our impact is a positive and beneficial one, by not only eliminating those practices that harm or have the potential to harm the environment, our clients, employees, local communities, stakeholders in general and all other members of the public sphere, but to actively put in place corporate arrangements to improve the environment; the lives and living conditions of our neighbours through responsible execution of our works; the proposal and support of local initiatives and addressing social and community issues relevant to our sphere of influence.


Follow us now for updates including vacancies, our social enterprise initiatives, employee activity, latest news and updates.


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