SSI Services and IWS have facilitated a number of work placements over the years. These work placements have been for university students, school aged students (supporting a school to give work based experience) and for long term unemployed returning to the work place.


Each of the placements has lasted between 1 to 4 weeks with programmes designed with the specific circumstances in mind and to support the individual’s learning and experience needs. Each programme has included outset objectives and a full review at the end of the period.


In August 2017 Jordi Iveson undertook a 5 week work experience placement within SSI and IWS. Jordi is studying chemical engineering at Swansea University, and is looking to undertake a master’s degree in Environmental Management. This is what he had to say about his time in the business:


“As an engineering student looking to complete a masters in environmental engineering I have been fortunate enough to spend 5 weeks over the summer holidays as an intern at Integrated Water Services.


This placement has provided me with invaluable experience in the water treatment process; being able to spend time with all the departments to understand the procedure from start to finish.


My time here has broadened my understanding of not only the process undertaken to treat and maintain our water network but also other aspects of business which I was not familiar with.


These included spending time with the Bid Team, which allowed me to grasp an understanding of the process undertaken by all businesses to secure contracts. I also spent some time with the Quality, Environment, Safety and Heath (QUENSH) team, which illustrated the important role that health, safety and environmental laws and frameworks have on the managing of businesses.


Although not all the work I have carried out will be directly related to my future career path, it has provided me with a very useful insight into how businesses operate and will be beneficial to me completing my master’s degree and entering the workplace. I have learnt a lot from this internship and have felt very welcomed and looked after in all the departments I have worked in.”

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