OnSite has made a significant investment in a  new recycling jetter.  The Recycling Jetter is used to clean a variety of wastewater assets. Wastewater meaning foul, surface water or process water and assets meaning pipes, culverts, conduits, tanks and other parts of wastewater systems e.g. wet wells and channels.


The vehicle has a filter mechanism within the tanker, separating the solids and recycling the water enabling it to be re-used during the jetting process. This will allow projects to be more productive reducing the time required on site in turn reducing cost’s to the client by removing the requirement to top up like conventional sewer cleaning alternatives.


Water stored within the tanker is pumped under pressure (2,250psi) via a hose to a jet head or nozzle. The water pressure is used to propel the hose and nozzle along the sewer pipe whilst detaching any debris within the sewer. Wherever possible OnSite jet against the flow of the sewer so the natural flow assists in transporting the debris back to the working manhole for removal, this is completed via a larger suction hose transferring the waste into the tanker.


OnSite’s longevity and continued success is due to the fact we employee good people and invest in our vehicles and equipment. We will continue to invest and innovate to stay ahead. The new  recycling jetter is one example of this and the first of more to come as part of OnSites vehicle replacement programme.




Before sewer cleaning (hard FOG)



The result after cleaning

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