SSI Test, Inspect and Consult (a trading division of Hydrosave) conducted a GPR survey at an address in London, in order to identify the cause and location of a water leakage complaint that appeared undetectable using all other leak detection techniques.


The address comprised a hi-rise complex of residential flats with numerous interconnections.


The GPR equipment was used to verify the location of the supply pipe initially, leading from the utility water main, to the point where it entered the building.


The GPR was then used to provide scan lines along the internal corridors, the basement and any location that could be accessed. As there were no basement plots available, the on-site team interpreted the data live and made on the spot decisions to trace the leak path.

A major sub surface anomaly was interpreted at the point where a pipe passed below a dividing wall into the boiler room.


This position was confirmed to be a water leak.

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